An Ode to Google – Reasons I love

I recently tweeted Google’s launch and a few hours later received a message from an old friend – she absolutely loved the site. My own impression of the site was good, but with my strong preference for menswear I couldn’t really get a feel for the site… so here is Janine Stein’s view and a good insight into how well worked for her…



I love that the style options on the left hand side are real and easy to understand. (I am Casual Chic btw and not Romantic or Edgy or Street or Boho. I’m not Classic either)

I love that it’s not defined by age.

I love seeing how my style plays out in all kinds of ways (through the tabs just under the top line) from blogs to celebrities to retailers to recommended things.

I can imagine buying something quickly that I see and realize I need.

I love that it becomes almost like a website for fashion ideas just for my style.

I love that it recognizes that fashion isn’t just for some, but for all.

I wish there was a High street option for retailer.

I wish it was in the UK.

I wish there was more suggested combinations like the sets in (which I love too)

I can see that I will spend hours playing here, and I will recommend to all my friends.

I love it because I need a site like this more than most, as I need all the help I can get style-wise.

Quite fascinating in my opinion, to see a whole new level of browsing experience, tailored to you. It’s all about you and what you want. Not what others want. I love Google’s innovation and it will be interesting to see how retailers react to this…

now go check out Janine Stein’s blog


The Key Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is Key

So what is the Customer Journey? This depends on your KPIs, the setup of your site, your path-to-purchase and many other things aside. Web analytics allows you to drill down on the journey your customers are taking. But is this your key Customer Journey?

What is my key Customer Journey?

Your key customer journey is a path through your website defined by you as an end goal. Buy a product. Book a holiday.  These are both key customer journeys; to your business. So how do you define your Customer Journey? Look at your KPIs. This is always a good starting point. What is the aim of your website? Are you selling something? Are you an informational portal? Think about this. Google’s key Customer Journey is to get you to click off of their website as soon as possible. Their measure of success? How little time you spend on their site amongst other things. The key here is to determine what you want people to do on your site.

The Customer Journeys

The Customer Journeys actually undertaken within the website are key for the success of your website. Are users doing what you want them to do? Are they achieving their goals? Using analytics tools within your website will be key in allowing you to drill down to what your [potential] customers are doing. Combine your key Customer Journeys (what you want your visitors to do) with your Customer Journeys (what they are actually doing) to determine your success rate. Only then can you begin a program of optimisation and improvement to continually ensure your website offers the best customer experience and increases propensity to complete a goal.

Depesh Mandalia