#WhyImVotingUkip FAIL

Have you seen the UK Independence Party disaster on Twitter? They created a hashtag to promote UKIP but it didn’t work out… check out some of these tweets, hilarious!

#WhyImVotingUkip Because I’m worried that Muslims will force me to practice Shakira Law, and my breasts are small and humble

#WhyImVotingUkip cause I’m sick of foreigners coming over here, improving our exam results and being our doctors. What selfish ******s.

#WhyImVotingUkip because Michael Jackson made better music when he was white

#WhyImVotingUkip I’m sick of my Israeli mother nagging me to clean my room. Enough is enough, she’s got to go

#WhyImVotingUkip Because I’m worried black people will start breeding with gay people and we’ll create a master race of amazing dancers

#WhyImVotingUKIP Because Im sick of immigrants coming over here and seasoning our bland food.

#WhyImVotingUkip Less Asians means lower grade boundaries

#WhyImVotingUkip Because Mr Sheen left smears on my windows and it says on the bottle that he’s polish.

#WhyImVotingUkip Because a brown baby smiled at me and I didn’t know what to do.

#WhyImVotingUkip cos i’m sick of them coming over here, contributing taxes, doing jobs we don’t want, having skills we don’t have

#WhyImVotingUkip Because I’m sick of foreign food in the supermarket. Why can’t they just stock English food like pasta, curry & rice?

#WhyImVotingUkip Because I thought it was a party who promoted napping in the afternoon

#WhyImVotingUkip Because I’m hoping they’ll repatriate my dad to India via Dubai & I need a new digital camera

#WhyImVotingUkip because, having invaded three-quarters of the Earth’s surface, Britain shouldn’t tolerate the presence of any foreigns.

#WhyImVotingUkip Because I’m sick of them coming over here contributing to the economy and enriching our culture.

#WhyImVotingUkip David Cameron didn’t wish me happy birthday

#WhyImVotingUkip because British jobs should be for British people. Just like African diamonds should be for colonialist European families.

#WhyImVotingUkip maternity leave is just pandering to women,in bongo bongo land they have a baby in the morning and then work in the fields

Not had enough? See more here 


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