Quality of traffic and online conversion

One of the key challenges we all face is integrating conversion analysis across the entire customer journey. This is from acquisition which occurs outside of the website, sending traffic to the website which as a conversion owner, you need to understand.

Tools such as Double Click, Omniture and Webtrends try to go some way to bridge the gap, but all the data in the world won’t tell you anything until you start understanding how to interpret the data.

Conversion begins from the moment your target customer engages with you, whether through online or offline. Once they’re interest in your product increases (i.e. a click or other action) you need to ensure you’re tracking them at each step of the way and you’re marketing to them in the right way. If your company is all about value, then tell them how much they’re getting. If your company is about trends or fashion, make them feel they can identify with your brand.

However conversely don’t think that the more visitors you get the higher the conversion! MISTAKE!

The best converting websites optimise their traffic before it hits the website to ensure you’re receiving quality traffic. There will always be a large majority that are only browsing or are discovering your brand, or have accidentally landed on your site, but your goal is to ensure you maximise your exposure to the maximum relevant people. Only by this will your on site conversion really come to pass.



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