Web 3.0 – The Final Destination?

Web 3.0 has been bounded about even though the majority of websites are still coming to terms with Web 2.0 – Web 1.0 is where most companies are at!

Web 3.0 is seen as the next progressive step for online. Making online think for us, making the online world easier to navigate and leveraging more from the web. Web 3.0 can be many things to many people. However, reading an article in the Financial Times today described Web 3.0 as a form of worldwide ‘social media’ platform. That is, Web 3.0 will bring people, information, websites and content even closer into a single consciousness.

Can you imagine asking a website ‘what car should I buy next?’ and for the website to scour the Web to find out more information about you, about your lifestyle and other factors which influence the way people like you think to suggest the best car for you?

There are many steps in the way of progression in reaching this higher state of consciousness but believe one thing – if we can think of where we want to be and not worry about how we’re going to get there, or how long it might take, then there is no limit to the things we can achieve. This is Web 3.0.

Depesh Mandalia


2 thoughts on “Web 3.0 – The Final Destination?

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