Focusing on Mr Customer

Mr Customer?

Who is Mr Customer? Is it Mrs Customer? Or Miss Customer? We all love to design great websites but not enough online businesses actually think about who they’re selling to.

Here a are a few ideas to get you started on how to understand who you’re selling to is:

Online Surveys

An online survey, if your customers are generally truthful and willing, will enable you to hear the ‘voice’ of your [potential] customer. Get the questions right and you’ll get the right insights

Database Segmentation

Look at your existing customers. Look at the data collected. Segment it. Understand it and make use of it. It WILL prove invaluable.

Focus Groups

Get talking to your customers. Just because you’re an online business don’t think you should not be interacting with potential and actual customers in person. This could prove priceless in putting a face to your user. Imagine your next Marketing campaign in which your Marketing can picture what type of people will be receiving the next email or banner-ad!

Depesh Mandalia


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